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Daniel Disney, one of the world’s leading social selling experts and founder of The Daily Sales is excited to launch his brand new Social Selling Masterclass in the UK!

This action packed 1 day workshop covers the key foundations of successful social selling and will help anyone working in sales truly understand and leverage social media to sell.

The full day covers everything you need to know to start utilising social media straight away. This includes:

Personal Brand – The masterclass covers how to build a personal brand that sells, why your profiles are crucial, how to design profiles that customers buy into and how to find your voice on social media.

Network – You’ll learn how to grow your network and then how to prospect through it to generate new sales opportunities. The more people in your network, the more potential opportunities that are there waiting for you.

Content – Daniel will show you how to find the best content out there to share to your network and he’ll show you how to create great content. There is a lot of content out there and cutting through the noise isn’t easy, but Daniel will show you all the secrets that have helped him get his content viewed by millions for over 2 years now.

Conversations – You’ll learn how to turn your personal brand, network and content into sales conversations with prospects.

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Are you selling complex B2B products?

Then this free ebook is for you!


In this ebook, we describe why qualification is important to your sale, what can happen if you fail to correctly qualify your customer's requirements, and how you can improve your qualification process for your team and identify solutions that fit.

Your Sales Effectiveness Programs Will Fail Without This Key Ingredient

Check out the latest blog from the team at on what separates your star reps from the rest of the team!

Outsiders of the sales profession often believe that salespeople are “fly by the seat of your pants” types.

The reality is far different, find out more with this article: Star Sales Reps Follow This Vital Process During Their Sales Calls

2018 Sales Leadership Series

1st March 2018

Markets don’t produce revenue. Customers do.

The job of sales professionals is to connect customers with value that matters to them. But today’s customers demand more from their vendors. Lower prices. Better products. Deeper insights. Improved results. Growth depends on targeting the right customers with the right value, presenting it both expertly and efficiently and delivering the promised results.

The Miller Heiman Group Sales Leadership Series will explore how sales and revenue leaders are equipping their organisations with tools and resources to deliver value.

Selling more and servicing better should be a business initiative not a training exercise. You know as well as anyone that B2B selling is not like it used to be. More hoops to jump through, more buyers in the process and customers who expect even more from their partners. Now more than ever, preparation and a consistent approach is required to make the sale and build a long-term relationship to reach the customer in a way that inspires them to buy from you, and buy from you for a long time.

For this very reason we started to rethink our business just like you’ve rethought yours. So instead of just having the best training on the market for sellers and service teams, we’ve expanded our training offerings and developed new solutions, we’re calling it the Be Ready solutions, and it is arguably the most comprehensive solution set on the market. Because we want your people to be ready to sell more and service better. And that’s more than just training—that’s a business initiative.

Sales Innovation Expo 2018

Sales Innovation Expo is the largest and most important event for professional sales leaders.

With some of the best-known names, thought leaders and industry experts offering cutting-edge advice and demonstrating the latest technologies, products and services; this event is sure to equip Sales Directors and Managers with the latest systems and tools to improve sales performance.

The Daily Sales Book of The Month

The smartest man in sales is back with his second book! After the huge success of "The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever Need", Anthony Iannarino brings us "The Lost Art of Closing". In this book you'll see how you can make closing one of the easiest parts of the sales process. The key is to lead the customer through a series of steps illustrated by Anthony in this must have sales book. For the small investment of the price of the book, you get access to some of the best knowledge, tips and insight into effective closing.

Don't waste any more time, if you want to close MORE sales today then order this book, read it and watch your sales grow!