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Outsiders of the sales profession often believe that salespeople are “fly by the seat of your pants” types.

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2018 Sales Leadership Series

Customer Experience Club 2018

09 May, 2018
Luton Hoo Hotel, Luton

What is Customer Experience?
In recent years, leading companies have used Customer Experience (CX) as the central point of their global winning strategy. Shifting focus from a product or pricing approach towards consultative selling, a long term customer-centric strategy, will convey a lasting advantage.

What do customers want?
In today’s business climate, it’s imperative to consider the customer’s complete journey, ranging from the product or service that is experienced, to all customer support solutions you provide, in order not only to increase revenue but also to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The Miller Heiman Group Customer Experience Club will explore how service professionals are providing customer experiences that build loyalty, retain customers, and drive performance.

Event Features:

  • Keynote presentation by industry thought leader
  • Miller Heiman Group led workshop where you'll hear first-hand unique methodologies that support successful customer service
  • Networking opportunities with participants from diverse industries, sharing peer driven customer service best practices

Miller Heiman Group is pleased to offer you an exclusive VIP offer of £75 per delegate using the code DSVIP18.