Posts From the monthly archives: "February 2017"

Allow me to throw something else into the Cold Calling V Social Selling debate… Did the one and only social megastar Gary Vaynerchuck just PROVE that cold calling is dead? No one has been able to prove that either side is right. Cold callers whilst able to show more evidence of success can’t prove…(Read More)

Great Sales Leaders are efficient and effective. They are able and equipped to win accounts of any size/importance. Prospects would love to ENGAGE with and Trust them. Businesses will bet big on them and they will prove their worth each time they get the opportunity; this is how they make their mark and carve…(Read More)

This story all started with an avocado…. Sitting eating lunch today I started to discuss my recent healthy eating kick. In a bid to cut down on the amount of bad foods I consume I have decided to make some more healthier meal choices (I’ll do this for a few weeks before being tempted…(Read More)

“A good quote, read at the right time, has the power to do amazing things” For all people working in sales, and that just doesn’t mean people with sales in their title, their jobs will generally include a lot of negativity. For each sale that they achieve, they would have had to pass hundreds…(Read More)

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