Posts From the monthly archives: "June 2017"

There may be some debate around the credibility of an expert or influencer, but like it or not they exist and personally we feel lucky to have so many amazing influencers in the sales industry. These people are the top of their game and spend every day helping sales people learn, develop, grow and succeed…(Read More)

Let’s not deny that sales is a challenging job. Going out, finding new prospects and then working to turn them into customers is no easy task. There are plenty of challenges and obstacles which is why we pay and incentivize sales people so highly. The problem comes when sales people try to use or…(Read More)

Cold calling is one of the most effective methods of prospecting currently available to sales people right now. I’ve often seen sales people spend way too long drafting emails or writing inappropriate blogs when the quickest way is to just pick up the phone! Whilst you may only convert a small percentage of calls…(Read More)

Some sales books are pushed right in front of your face day in and day out. They are promoted across social media, in blogs, email and on podcasts. It’s these books that make you wonder whether there are actually any other sales books out there and well I’m pleased to say there are…(Read More)

Whilst waiting at the airport for my flight last week this book caught my eye in the bookstore. That book was The Smart Selling Book by Mark Edwards! This wasn’t a book that I had heard of before but it looked clean, crisp and interesting. After picking it up and having a quick look…(Read More)

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