Posts From the monthly archives: "September 2017"

Hitting your sales target is no easy achievement, in fact there are some suggestions that less than 50% of sales people actually do it. Now there will certainly be some companies that have set unrealistic targets, and whilst they may not want to admit it I would highly recommend making sure your targets reflect a…(Read More)

I’ve read a lot of good sales books, and a lot of sales books that are not so good. “Sales EQ” by Jeb Blount is not good…. It is┬ábrilliant and in my opinion one of the books that every single sales professional should have all across the world. Some sales books tell you…(Read More)

There are a lot of sales books out there that are written by the stereotypical sales manager, someone who was good at selling 10-20 years ago but who hasn’t sold in a long time. They preach about amazing secrets and the only true way to sell, but often when you read these books…(Read More)

Statistics are a wonderful thing, they allow us to use data and experience to create unique insight that if used correctly, can help us become far more effective sellers. In the same way that elite athletes analyse every detail, go through all data and use it to make sure they’re as efficient as possible…(Read More)

It’s probably the most common interview technique used for sales people all over the world. Half way through the process the interviewer pulls out a pen, sticks it on the table and asks the candidate… “Sell me this pen…..” Most sales people will make the mistake of then trying to literally sell the pen…(Read More)

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