Posts From the monthly archives: "February 2018"

Let’s start this blog of with one very BIG fact….. YOUR prospects and customers are on social media. There will be very few industries now where businesses and decision makers are not on social media in some form. That may include Facebook, it may include LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat etc. They will be on social…(Read More)

I’m going to show you two very powerful ways in which a simple fish can help you sell. Here are two stories that will help you build the perfect sales environment, drive sales success and create a sales process that delivers results. Both stories focus around one simple thing….a fish! Let’s start…(Read More)

I saw an amazing image from a sales team this week which really made me smile. It was a telephone on someone’s desk with a note taped to it reading… “Pick me up I make you money” I couldn’t think of a smarter or more entertaining way of putting it! Now there is…(Read More)

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