5 Tips To Close MORE Sales Today!


It’s the final week of the month, the stakes are high.

Only a handful of days remain to hit your all important monthly target. This is the time where sales people put in the most effort working tirelessly to reel in all opportunities that are sat in their pipeline.

Whilst many companies and sales people alike will work to try and spread out their targets across the month, inevitably the final week of the month will always bring extra motivation.

The question I often get is…

How can I close MORE sales?

That’s the key to sales success right? I mean a sales isn’t a sale unless you close it!

Here are 5 of my favourite tried and tested tips to make the last few days of any month count and close MORE sales!

1) Sense of Urgency – You need to create a sense of urgency, a reason for your prospect to buy. This could be a special offer or date requiring purchase by the end of the month. One thing I will point out is be aware of putting negative pressure on your prospect. What ever urgency you’re trying to create has to be in the best interest of the customers, align with their buying plans and offer them value. Hopefully you would have all this information from proper qualifying.

2) Don’t Fall At Any Hurdle – Taking a prospect through the sales process is like running with hurdles. Each objection is a hurdle and the best sales people fear none of them. Most sales people will fall at one of them, but if you want to close more sales this week you need to push past and jump over more than you usually would. Don’t be afraid to fight for your sale, to push past boundaries (as long as you know it’s right for the customer).

3) Do MORE! – If you want to sell more, do more! Make more calls, send more emails, go to more meetings, send more proposals and most importantly ASK for more sales. The more sales you try to close this week will result in more sales closed. It’s like fishing, if you have one rod in the pond you can catch a maximum of one fish at any given point. If you have 2 rods you could catch 2 fish, 3 rods, well you get the idea. The more opportunities you have, the bigger your pipeline and the more opportunities you try to close will allow you more chances to sell more.

4) Ask For Help – There is a world of expertise around you. It may be sat next to you or around you in your office. Sales people who have smashed targets, who have overcome all objections and closed more sales. Use them to help you close those ones you’re struggling with. If you don’t have it in your office, use the amazing world of social media! I’m going to start a thread in the comments on this post, if you want some advice on closing ask in the comments and both myself and the network will help you close more sales!

5) Let Your Customers Close Themselves – In sales we tend to talk more than we should and unfortunately we think that will be the best way to get the sale. It’s actually the opposite and sometimes the best way to get the sale is to get the customer to close themselves. It’s a great tool when overcoming objections as well, for example “Well that’s really expensive”…OK, why do you think it’s expensive? “I guess because it’s better?”. Exactly! Help your customers discover that it’s right for them.

OK so there are my 5 top tips to close MORE sales this week! 

Do you have an AWESOME closing tip? Share this blog and add in your closing tip, you never know you might help someone in your network close an extra sale this month!

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