7 SECRETS To Enormous Sales SUCCESS


Great Sales Leaders are efficient and effective. They are able and equipped to win accounts of any size/importance. Prospects would love to ENGAGE with and Trust them. Businesses will bet big on them and they will prove their worth each time they get the opportunity; this is how they make their mark and carve their success – ALWAYS.

To be a great sales leader, a great amount of excellence is required. Every Sales Leader that you see today has gone through the transition that requires continuous efforts to excel in handling prospects and sales situations. In my experience of training sales professionals and building successful teams, I have noticed one common quality that describes every sales leader in the world today and how they managed to get this enormous success. It is Winner’s Attitude.


A winner’s edge is not gifted nor does it come from high IQ. Winner’s edge is all in the ATTITUDE. A positive attitude separates winner from the loser.

To be a great Sales Leader, you must adapt the right attitude. To develop a winner’s attitude, you must think like a winner, feel like a winner, behave and take the approach of a winner to replicate his success.

Is this possible? Yes, it is. So, here I bring to you, top qualities of Winner’s Attitude that makes Top Sales Leaders GREAT.

1. What’s the secret to Productivity?

What keeps our country’s borders safe? It is the discipline of our Military. Imagine what would happen if they are not disciplined. Every aspect of life is guarded by “Discipline” and if we violate it, we pay the price. If we do not show discipline in exercise, we lose our health. If we do not show discipline in investing, we lose our savings. If we do not show discipline in maintaining work life balance, we lose the charm of our life. Similarly, if we do not show discipline in Sales, we lose opportunities.

Top Sales Leaders are always disciplined in their Sales Approach. They write their goals and make disciplined efforts to follow and achieve those. They are disciplined in their follow up, meetings, customer interactions, knowledge gain, maintaining their health and happiness and in all other aspects of their life.

2. Why do people believe in them?

If you don’t believe that your product can make a difference to Customers business or lifestyle, how do you expect them to believe in it? A Sales Rep, who believes in what he sells, is enthusiastic about his solution and enthusiastic Sales Reps gets a lot more attention / trust from his prospects.

Top Sales Leaders are strong believers of the product they sell and if they are not convinced that the product can really make a difference to someone, they don’t associate themselves with it — as simple as that.

Your company’s product is your product and it is your responsibility to understand the value it offers to your customers. When you do that, you become a strong believer of its value and that reflects in your pitch. You should be able to make your prospects understand, how your product enhances their business offering. And once you do that, people start believing in you.

3. Are you fast enough?

A recent Sales study reveals, 55% of time, a prospect is likely to buy a solution from a Sales Rep who approaches him first. Furthermore, prospects that get a contact within 15 minutes of making an inquiry are likely to stay active and buy from the same Sales Rep. Well; these figures can really boost your conversions.

This is what top Sales Leaders are known for and if you are not doing this then you are leaving a big opportunity on the table.

4. Are you interesting enough?

In Sales, a lot of rejections come during the prospecting stage. And the reasons or rather excuses sighted by majority of the Sales Rep are a) Product is not right or b) Prospect is not interested. Step back and think, is that really the case? Or is it because the prospects find you monotonous, a robot delivering information?

Prospects are humans too. And like any other human, they prefer to communicate and feel comfortable with people who are genuinely interesting, cheerful and easy going. Hence the quality of ‘loving to talk to strangers’ is of utmost importance to any Sales Professional looking to make his mark in Sales.

This is the sheer reason why you find Sales Leaders, or any leaders for that matter interesting because they take genuine interest in talking to strangers, make them feel comfortable as it lays the foundation for a better communication and trust building that is so much needed for winning customers. So, be interesting.

5. Do you try to “Sell” or “Solve”?

Do you engage prospects to push your product? To hook them up so you can sell? And do you believe this is the best way to make a sale? It is NOT. Top Sales Leaders never believe themselves as Sellers of a product. Instead they see themselves more of a consultant who loves to solve problems with their products and services.

Yes, a prospect faces business challenges and they approach you to solve those challenges. Every business or prospect has unique challenges and “One Size Fits All” approach is not for the business world. Sales Leader takes genuine interest in people’s problem and come up with solutions to solve it. This approach helps them gains respect and trust of prospects and brings unimaginable revenue and mindshare for the organization.

6. Who is on your radar- Big accounts or small?

What makes Top Sales Leader different? Usually Sales Professionals customer interactions are influenced by prospect’s purchase potential. Customer Experience, Follow Ups, Response time, support varies based on purchase potential. However, many a times, it is seen that prospects with limited requirements are completely ignored. Is that the case with you as well?

Top Sales Leaders have different strategies for Big and strategic accounts as well as for accounts with limited purchase potential. Strategies vary on number of touchpoints to be made, types of content to be shared, communication channels chosen, fixed response time etc…

However, they never compromise on “Customer Experience” and never make a prospect feel that his limited requirements do not interest them. For them every prospect is equal and should be treated the same way regardless of the purchase potential. This attitude makes them a winner. They know that a prospect’s limited requirement doesn’t mean that future requirements will also be the same. Additionally, they understand that each prospect can introduce them to tens of more such prospects through referrals.

7. Are you running alone?

Every wondered why leaders will always manage to get their work done instantly regardless of the number of people or departments involved. I have seen sales people getting proposals created instantly or get the solution prototype/ requirements documents ready in hours instead of days and weeks, to delight their prospects.

How do they do it? And why people listen to them and support?

Top Sales Leaders know that Sales like other business functions is a – TEAM WORK. Every deal won, Big or Small, is a team effort and instead of trying to take the sole credit, they would like to share it with all those involved no matter how insignificant their contribution is. With this sheer act of leadership, they not only get the full credit of the deals won; additionally, they win the trust and respect of their peers involved in the deal and management team as well. This helps them build a team of their own that supports them in any situation or urgency to handle prospects. These are the top qualities that make sales reps – GREAT Sales Leaders.

If you are looking to make it big in sales, you should be reflecting these qualities as well. There is more to it but if you have any other qualities that you would like to bring to your fellow sales professional’s attention, then go ahead, comment section is all for you. Let the world know how you are doing it successfully.

About the Author:

Amit Sharma is the Author of best seller Book “Sales Decoded – 5 steps to Powerful Selling” and Online Sales Training Courses for Sales Professionals. I run a business consulting firm Dishah Strategic Solutions helping organizations with business strategy, brand building, Sales Management and Marketing. Dishah has been recognized among the “Top 25 Business Strategy and Management Consulting firms in India” – by Consultant Review Magazine.

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