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It’s that time of year where everyone gets scary for Halloween. Now nothing for us salespeople will ever be as scary as next months target, a 1-2-1 with the sales manager or an email from a prospect starting with “Thank you for your time, however….”! None the less, offices become littered with…(Read More)

Here it is, the ultimate list of 100 amazing sales tips! Bringing together tips from all across the internet from sales experts¬†and some personal ones from my own sales experience, here are 100 sales tips to help you sell more! I’m sure I’ll miss some out so please do add any extra…(Read More)

There is nothing more motivating than a good film, and when working in sales you need all the motivation and inspiration you can get!! From famous sales quotes, to adrenaline fueled money making sales superstars, these films have it all. If you are working in sales I would recommend watching each one of these as…(Read More)

It’s the subject that everyone is talking about, it’s all over social media and a lot of people are saying it’s been “talked to death”. But then why are people STILL talking about it? Why do people get so PASSIONATE about it? It doesn’t matter how many times I write about…(Read More)

Let me start this with a quick question……. How do you define the TOP sales experts on LinkedIn? The best way I think is to let YOU decide. Let’s look at which sales experts have the most connections/followers on LinkedIn. This isn’t anyone making it up, these are the tens of thousands…(Read More)

Is there anything worse than the sales person who just talks AT their prospects and customers??! We all know the type, and have all probably experienced it at some point. They get over excited trying to TELL you why you should buy their product that they don’t actually stop to ask any questions or…(Read More)

Cold Calling is JUST like Blockbuster…. This isn’t a cold calling bashing blog, don’t worry! However I’m trying to find ways to explain how the sales landscape is changing and why failing to adapt can have consequences. So why Blockbuster? It is because it went bust? Am I just saying cold calling…(Read More)

Chris Murray is one of my personal favourite sales trainer and authors and this book is one of the best that I have on my bookshelf. Selling With Ease is focused around a fantastic model that Chris has developed to help sales people. This is actually Chris’s 2nd book after his hugely successful “Extremely…(Read More)

This is the best new sales book to come out in a long time! Alison Edgar, one of the leading authorities in sales and entrepreneurship has penned an amazing book here to help show you what the secrets of successful sales are. Alison has had an amazing career and now helps some of the most…(Read More)

Grant Cardone is one of the biggest, if not the biggest name in the sales industry right now. Cardone Universities is one of the leading sales training organisations across the world and Grant Cardone himself has written some of the best sales books out there. One of his most recent books is “The 10X Rule…(Read More)

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