“Coffee’s For Closers” Sales Book Review


There are a lot of sales books out there that are written by the stereotypical sales manager, someone who was good at selling 10-20 years ago but who hasn’t sold in a long time. They preach about amazing secrets and the only true way to sell, but often when you read these books you can’t apply them to your sales role. 

This is where “Coffee’s For Closers” by Tony Morris is different. 

Tony wrote this book to actually help sales people. Within it’s pages you will find this book is packed with plenty of relatable real life sales stories and tips that you can use right now. From daily motivation to getting past gatekeepers this book has it all. What I love the most about this book is that it really is the best real life sales book you’ll ever read! 

One of my favourite parts was within the objections chapter where Tony put’s the reason people object perfectly: 

Sometimes people object as they do not understand what it is we are offering. Rather than saying to us “can you be clearer with what you are offering?” their quick response is “I am not interested” or “I don’t need that thanks.”

We often see objections as “no’s” but often it’s just a reaction where in fact they often just don’t understand. The book not only helps you sell but it helps you understand your customers as well, something we all struggle with sometimes! 

If you’re serious about sales then this is a must have book, not only will you enjoy reading it but it will give you plenty of ammo to take to the sales floor and smash you targets out of the park! Buy your copy right here.

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