Did Gary Vaynerchuk Just PROVE Cold Calling Is Dead?


Allow me to throw something else into the Cold Calling V Social Selling debate…

Did the one and only social megastar Gary Vaynerchuck just PROVE that cold calling is dead?

No one has been able to prove that either side is right. Cold callers whilst able to show more evidence of success can’t prove that it’s a lasting strategy. Social sellers are proving the industry is changing, but is it enough?

This video shows that people don’t like being called. It shows that we no longer have to interrupt people with cold calls. It shows that more and more people are moving away from phones and onto social/digital platforms.

Now I may be a little ambitious when I say that he has proved cold calling is dead, but I’m certainly not being ambitious to say he has proved it is most definitely dying. We are living through a big transition stage in the sales industry where cold calling is now a dying sales activity.

People don’t want to be called, millennials less so. So with the business world soon to be dominated by millennials, why would cold calling survive? Yes ok with less and less people calling surely then it’s more effective as you become the one who can disrupt and get ahead of the pack? The problem is if less and less people are answering the phone, what good is calling? A phone call is only effective if someone answers, and all that time spent calling, leaving voicemail, calling again and again etc, could that be better spent building a social relationship with your prospect building the platform to then progress to a meeting?

Cold calling is still the most used sales activity, so whilst the social space is very active, so are the phones. The difference is people WANT to spend time on social media, they want to read, engage and build relationships. People want more connections, followers, likes, comments etc. They don’t want someone ringing them, interrupting their time and trying to sell them something or book a meeting!

As professionals, as businesses, as sales people we should do what our customers want. What do your customers want? Do they want to be phoned or engaged on social media?

Like I said cold calling may not be dead yet, but will those holding onto it be hitting their target in the future? I’m not sure they will…..

Are you pro cold calling or pro social selling, or pro both? Let me know in the comments box, with so many people debating this at the moment I want to know what YOU think.

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