How To Reduce Stress When Working In Sales!


This may seem like an impossible statement to make…..

Avoiding stress in sales, are you for real??

Sales is known as one of the most stressful jobs to have. Heavy targets, crushing pressure to constantly achieve, lots of rejection, products to memorize, pestering managers, the list could go on……

Stress can then make you work hard instead of smart, it can make you pass that pressure onto customers, make you irritable at work and worst of all you may end up not enjoying your job.

So how can you reduce stress when working in sales?

There are so many little ways that you can use to cut out stress from your sales job. These little changes that you can make each day could help lower stress and make your day more positive. The affect of that could be an increase in sales, better customer service, job promotion and over all happier life!

Here are my top 10 tips:

1) Plan To Succeed – One of the single biggest causes of stress in a sales role is lack of organization or poor time management. Sales people have so much to juggle on a daily basis, all with the same aim to achieve target by the end of the month. Start planning your days and weeks, set aside time for key activities and take control of your time at work to ease that stress.

2) Ask For Help – It’s no secret that sales people have a lot of pride and ego, which makes it difficult to ask for help. Unfortunately by taking on the pressure of dealing with everything it can create a lot of unnecessary stress. Start asking your colleagues and managers for help and support to take away that pressure.

3) Know Your Goals – It’s so important to know whether you’re winning or losing. You can do this by knowing what you should be achieving every day and focusing on what you need to do to hit that goal.

4) Have Regular Breaks – Sales people are busy and can sometimes struggle to stop when all they want to do is sell, sell, sell! Unfortunately we are human beings and our bodies and minds need regular breaks. The way to look at it is that the break will help you re focus and work harder!

5) Compete – The majority of sales people are competitive so it’s key to make sure you’re competing in some way. You may not be based in an office full of sales people, but find ways to compete. It could be against last months figures, or you could find one of your competitors to compete with. The competition will get you excited and pumped and help avoid the stress.

6) Create A Fun Environment – You might not have the luxury of working for one of these really large exciting sales teams where they always seem to be having fun! However you can control the environment you work in, even if it is just you and a desk or car. Bring in a plant, a decoration, something motivational, you’d be surprised at the impact it can have.

7) Avoid Distraction – Some people might think that distraction is a good thing, and whilst I have suggest above that you need to take regular breaks, that’s not the same as being distracted. Sales people perform best when focused, so when someone interrupts you it can take you out of your stride. It then becomes stressful trying to get back into that flow. Make sure you avoid social media, your colleagues know not to disturb you and you avoid checking emails to maintain focus when selling.

8) Learn From Failure – No one is perfect, and you will fail just as much as you will succeed. It’s important to celebrate your success, but equally learn from your failures. Don’t look at them as a negative thing, don’t beat yourself up about it. Acknowledge that you’re only human and it’s acceptable to fail, and then look at what you can learn to avoid it next time.

9) Stay Away From Negative People – Unfortunately offices tend to be full of negative people. People that don’t want to be there, don’t enjoy their job and just want to spend their days moaning about everything. It’s very easy to get sucked into that world so make sure you avoid it. Just stay away from the negative people and surround yourself with positive motivated people. Social media makes it possible to be around positive people from all over the world.

10) Celebrate – Celebrate each and every achievement. It might be booking an appointment, getting through to that impossible client or making a sale. Celebrate as much as you can, it will not only make you feel good but it will help motivate you to keep achieving so that you can keep celebrating!

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