The Leading Women In Sales 2017


Today is International Women’s Day 2017 and to celebrate such a great day I wanted to share the leading women in sales this year. These are the women to be following on social media, reading their content, watching their videos, subscribing to their newsletters and learning from.

  1. Jill Konrath – Jill Konrath is one of the most influential women in the sales industry. As an author, internationally known speaker and thought leader, her knowledge and experience in sales are exceptional.
  2. Elinor Stutz – Recognised as a top 1% influencer, author and contributor to leading publications Elinor is passionate about her message to Believe, Become, Empower.
  3. Deb Calvert – Deb is the founder of The Sales Experts Channel and author of Discover Questions, Get Connected which has been rated as one of the top 20 sales books of all time.
  4. Nancy Nardin – Backed by nearly 30 years of sales and marketing expertise, Nancy is a pioneer in sales prospecting technology – first as a service provider and now as an evangelist and expert.
  5. Jill Rowley – One of the single most influential thought leaders in the social selling world, when Jill talks on stage, you listen. Make sure you check out her keynotes, they’re some of my favourite sales discussions on the internet. J
  6. Tiffani Bova – After 10 years as VP at Gartner Tiffani recently joined Salesforce as their Global customer growth and innovation evangelist.
  7. Bernadette McClelland – Bernadette is on a mission to shift the global perception of the B2B sales profession by first shifting the way salespeople think of themselves.
  8. Nancy Bleeke – Nancy is a sales enablement expert focused on conversations that drive business growth and author of “Conversations That Sell”.
  9. Patricia Fripp – With over 20 years sales training experience Patricia is one of the leading voices in the sales training arena.
  10. Julie Hansen – Author of Sales Presentations for Dummies, keynote speaker and top 50 sales blogger.
  11. Trish Bertuzzi – Trish is the author of the number one best selling sales book “The Sales Development Playbook” and is highly regarded as one of the most influential people in sales.
  12. Joanne Black – Regarded as America’s authority on Referral Selling, Joanne is a leading sales author and speaker. Joanne is passionate about something close to my heart and that’s getting rid of cold calling!
  13. Kendra Lee – Kendra is seen as an author, sales expert, prospect attraction authority and speaker. Kendra has been named one of the top 10 women to follow in sales on Twitter.
  14. Lori Richardson – Lori is a top sales influencer and after 15+ years of selling over 100 million now helps businesses increase their revenue through sales training.
  15. Barb Giamanco – Barb is recognised as a top 50 sales influencer and has an array of awards for her content including books and online content.

Those are my top list of women in sales to follow but there are plenty more! Check out the Women In Sales Awards page for some their amazing winners and key practitioners in the industry right now.

There is also a fantastic article by HubSpot looking at the 9 Most Successful Women In Sales of All Time.

Finally one of my favourite blogs recently by the one and only Tony J. Hughes explaining how Women Sell Better Than Men!

I’d love to add more names to this list, who would you recognise as an outstanding woman in sales today? Perhaps someone you work with or someone you enjoy following on social media or listening to at events. Add their name and why into the comments box, I’d love to recognise as many leading women in sales today as possible.

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