LinkedIn Sales Navigator Is Like Going To The The Gym…


When you join a gym, you do it because you want to get fit.

You want to use the gym to excersize to become healthier, lose weight, gain muscle, ultimately to become better in some form. We all join the gym with great expectations of going in every day in our lovely workout gear, working up a sweat and feeling watching the results transform us.

Now when you sign up to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator you’re often doing it for very similar reasons, you want to be better. You want to use the advanced features of Sales Navigator to generate better results whether it’s for personal brand, sales, recruitment or marketing.

There’s a problem though…..

Most people that sign up to Sales Navigator use it the EXACT same way as their gym membership. Why is this a problem you ask?

They DON’T use their gym membership!!

They sit there paying X amount each month to their local gym, not having set a foot in there once that month. Unfortunately just because you pay your gym membership doesn’t mean you’ll get fit (as amazing as that would be!). If you want to get results from the gym you need to ACTUALLY go in and workout.

This is EXACTLY the same with LinkedIn Sales Naviagtor!

Just because you’re paying your £50-£60 per month for premium LinkedIn doesn’t mean you can sit back and the results will happen. You need to log in on a regular basis, you need to use it properly and you need to work hard to see real results from it.

A lot of people reading this will be paying for LinkedIn Sales Navigator but won’t be using it. I spoke to someone this week who told me they’ve been paying for Sales Navigator for 6 months now and haven’t used it ONCE!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, just like the gym, can help you generate AMAZING results. The key to unlocking those results is to work hard.

If you want to actually generate results from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator then get ready to “workout” on a regular basis. Now just like working out at home, going for a run or warming up, these activities on LinkedIn should be done before utilising Sales Navigator to ensure you get the best possible results.

  • Having a great LinkedIn profile. Make sure it’s full up, updated regularily and designed with your customer in mind.
  • Build your LinkedIn presence. You need to be active on LinkedIn if you want to build a personal brand and connect with your customers. Log in at least once every day, even just for 5 minutes to engage in content or share your own content.
  • Share great value packed content to your network and learn to create your own.

Once you’ve done your warm up it’s then time to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to its full potential. Navigator is full of amazing features and functions that can help anyone enhance the way they use LinkedIn, the sales they generate and the efficiency throughout. This includes:

  • Extensive search filters to help find your PERFECT prospects
  • Active member search to see who’s using LinkedIn recently (more likely to engage)
  • Shared experience search to find common ground with prospects
  • Ability to InMail prospects you’re not connected with
  • Extended “people viewed” function on your profile

If you want to get fit, don’t just join the gym, USE IT!

If you want to generate more sales with LinkedIn, don’t just sign up for Sales Navigator, USE IT!

Do YOU want to learn some of the great tips and tricks for LinkedIn Sales Navigator? I’m keen to help as many people as possible use social to sell more so I’m going to offer you a totally FREE mini guide to Sales Navigator. All you need to do is email to let me know you’d like one and I’ll pop one to you as soon as possible!

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