The 10 BEST Sales Meme’s……….Ever!!


Who doesn’t love a good meme??

Here at The Daily Sales our network was built on sharing funny meme’s that poke a little fun at the world of selling. Sharing hundreds of meme’s over the last year here are the 10 BEST sales meme’s….

1) So you’re telling me there’s a chance…..

This was our first ever meme and captures that little hope sales people have when asked to call back in a few months time! Check out our home page on the website for a video version of this meme which just makes it that little more hilarious! 

2) When the customer finally buys….

Is there a better feeling than closing a sales after months of talking??! I’m sure plenty of you have worked mega hard on those deals where when the customer finally signs you literally could just hug them! Also “Lost”….what a series (bar the ending!). 

3) I see salespeople…..

We’re not that scary……are we? That classic scene from “The Sixth Sense” where he admits to seeing dead people, I’m sure plenty of people share that fear for seeing sales people! 

4) You shall not pass!

There is always that one gatekeeper who will just never let you through! You can picture them now sat at their desk shouting “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!”

5) Go go sales team!

You can’t beat a motivational sales meeting and this is how most teams probably look after their Monday morning meeting! 

6) Say “they’re in a meeting”….

If only I had a dollar for every time a contact was “in a meeting”….

This meme even got us featured in the London Evening Standard newspaper! 

7) First day of the month….

A lot happens in a month for sales people and that last day is always a battle!! We shared this meme when this episode of Game of Thrones played and it reached over 2 million people!

8) We’re going to need a bigger pipeline….

I don’t think there are many sales people who couldn’t use a bigger pipeline! Just like they needed a bigger boat to catch the shark, we need bigger pipelines to hit our targets!

9) That moment you hit your target!

Is there a better feeling in sales??!!! After the stress that is a single month in sales if you do hit target I think this quite literally sums up the feeling! 

10) Are they really……?!

I wonder how many gatekeepers really mean it like this…?!

So there it is…..10 of the best meme’s we’ve ever shared on The Daily Sales!

Now I need your help!

I want to find out which one is the best of the 10. Write the number of your favourite (and feel free to add why it is) in the comments box below. Let’s see which one is the BEST meme ever….!

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