The “Cold”​ Is Dead, Not The Calling


I saw a comment recently on LinkedIn that is possibly my favourite comment of 2018! It was by the sales legend Trish Bertuzzi who was commenting on a post by another sales legend, John Barrows.

Trish quite rightly put….

It is the cold that is dead, NOT the calling

Such a simple yet powerful sentance. I spend a lot of time trying to help salespeople and companies understand and harness the power of social selling. That doesn’t mean that I hate cold calling or that I’m trying to stop people cold calling, I’m really not!

I spent nearly 10 years cold calling and it helped me carve out a very successful career in sales. It worked during that time and it still works now. However, social media has had a HUGE impact on sales and this is why Trish’s comment was so powerful.

We no longer have to make “COLD” calls…

You don’t have to sit there with a list of names and numbers that you know nothing about, making hundreds of calls and hoping for the best. You can see who you’re calling, what their position is, where they work, how long they’ve been there, what they do there and so much more.

That doesn’t mean spending HOURS on LinkedIn before each call…

A common misconception is that social sellers want salespeople to start spending hours each day researching prospects. That’s far from the expectation, it takes just secconds to type in someones name into LinkedIn and quickly scan through their profile, it can even be done WHILST you are dialing their number.

The phone is very much ALIVE….

There are people out there who believe the phone is dead. It would be stupid for me to agree with that as I know of so many companies using cold calling super successfully. The phone is not dead, it’s very much alive. However it becomes even more powerful when used WITH social media.

You know that your prospects time is very precious and we know that successful cold calls are those that are longer in duration. If you want to earn that time from your prospect you need to have more to bring to the table other than “I don’t know who you are, you don’t know who I am but I want to try and sell you something”. (who write one of the best sales blogs out there) analysed thousands of sales calls to find that “buying time is the name of the game in cold calling”. They found:

Successful cold calls were almost twice as long as unsuccessful cold calls. The longer the call, the greater your odds of getting the meeting. In short,  the job of the cold caller is to buy timeIt’s to get and hold the prospect’s attention.

Just by doing a small amount of research on LinkedIn you’re able to transform that cold call into something so much more valuable to the buyer. By learning some basic information about them you can ask them better and more personalised questions. You can offer more valuable insight and avoid wasting their time asking them silly questions like “so what’s your name?”!

It’s not just knowing about THEM that you can achieve…

Over the years that I’ve been social selling one of the best outcomes of effective social selling & cold calling integration isn’t just that you know about them it’s that they know about YOU.

There is nothing more powerful in prospecting than the prospect already knowing who you are and being impressed with what you do. I have had cold calls and initial meetings where a prospect who I have never spoken to before already knows who I am and likes what I do on social media.

It’s the perfect foundations to start building a sales relationship on and saves the time you would usually spend trying to earn that trust from scratch.

Cold calling and social selling aren’t ENEMIES….

In reality cold calling and social selling are the best combination since fish and chips! Put together you have 2 very powerful tools that can help you find, connect and start conversations with more prospects than ever before.

So if you’re scared of making cold calls…..learn, pick up the phone and get practising. If you’re scared of using social selling……learn, log into LinkedIn and get practising. Arm yourself with a LinkedIn profile, some social selling and cold calling skills and a phone and you’ll be ready to rock the world of sales 🙂

Do you still make cold calls or do you make “warm” social calls? How does it work for you? Let us know!

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