“The Lost Art of Closing” Sales Book Review


After the huge success of his first book “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need“, Anthony Iannarino is back with another big hitter. Addressing possibly the single biggest moment in the sales process, Anthony helps you understand the key principles that drive sales success. 

As someone who has read most of the older books on closing it is refreshing to have a modern perspective on this subject. Taking into account the massive changes to the sales industry including the internet, social media and the increased power that buyers now possess, The Lost Art of Closing helps the modern sales person understand and overcome these challenges. 

What stood out to me the most was that this book was written for the “Honest Sales Person”. Closing is often thought of as a tactic, a way to manipulate someone into buying something they don’t want or need. The Lost Art of Closing is very much against this form of selling and so helps those sales people out there who genuinely want to help their customers. By understanding these 10 commitments, closing the sale will become the easiest part of the sales process. 

Whilst Anthony jokes at the start of the book that after writing “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need” we may have not expected him to write another sales guide, this book is exactly what sales people need right now. For the small price of a book you will gain the knowledge and confidence required to significantly enhance your skill in closing. 

My verdict is you’ll very soon make the cost of this book back in the additional commission you’ll earn after reading it! Check it out here in The Daily Sales Bookstore

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