The MUST-HAVE Sales Books of 2018


“For the cost of a few coffees, a sales book contains an immense amount of knowledge, experience and lessons learned from some of the most successful sales professionals on the planet”

2018 has seen some AMAZING new sales books released, fresh new books that have been helping sales professionals all across the world turn 2018 in their best year yet!

Some of these books are the latest from the greatest sales authors out there, some of them have come from brand-new authors to the sales book scene. Either way these books provide the LATEST insights and experiences in what it takes to succeed in modern day selling.

With Christmas coming up and the New Year close by, there has never been a time to invest in your self for next year or buy a gift for the salesperon in your life!

Now there are some amazing sales books out there that have been written over the last 10+ years, and I’ll do another blog for ALL-TIME top sales books. However I wanted to write this one for the top sales books to have been released THIS YEAR.

These are the MUST-HAVE sales books to have been released in 2018:

1) Gap Selling – Keenan

The most “hot off the press” sales book of 2018, Gap Selling will be released on the 3rd of December and is set to be a huge hit! Keenan is one of the most popular names in the sales industry having made waves with his first book, “Not Taught“, delivering his action packed keynotes and rocking social media with his hard hitting videos and posts.

His newest book has been dubbed “NOT your dads sales book” and looks to help salespeople master the modern day sales landscape, not how sales was 20 years ago. Few people understand modern selling more than Keenan and this book will no doubt be helping salespeople CRUSH their targets in 2019!

View on Amazon here

2) Objections – Jeb Blount

There are very few sales professionals who haven’t read at least one of Jeb Blounts amazing sales books. From “Fanatical Prospecting“, “People Buy You” and “Sales EQ” to name a few, Jeb is very much up there at the top of the sales tree. After the huge success of Sales EQ the sales industry was eager for the next installment and Objections did not disapoint!

Everyone thinks that mastering closing is the key to success in sales, but the reality is closing is easier than most think. What helps people close more deals is the ability to overcome more objections. This is why “Objections” is a MUST-READ for everyone working in sales.

View on Amazon here

3) Eat Their Lunch – Anthony Iannarino

First he bought us “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need“, and then he helped the world of sales master closing with “The Lost Art Of Closing“. Now Anthony Iannarino is BACK with “Eat Their Lunch”, winning customers away from your competition.

One of the single greatest challenges salespeople face is the amount of competition fighting for the same customers every single day. Being able to compete effectively can be a real gamechanger for salespeople and so this book is most definitely a MUST-READ for 2018!

View on Amazon here

4) Sales Differentiation – Lee B. Salz

Following on from the theme of competitiveness in sales, Lee B. Salz has put together an immense book packed with 19 powerful strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition, stand out and WIN.

I was super fortunate enough to get a pre-release copy of this book and absolutely loved every second of reading it! It’s brilliantly put together, fun to read and packs a punch from the first to the very last word. This is one I would highly recommend and easily earns its place on the 2018 MUST-READ list!

View on Amazon here

5) COMBO Prospecting – Tony J. Hughes

2018 has been dominated by the endless debate, cold calling versus social selling. The answer has been bought to us by Tony J. Hughes and sits within this fantastic book, COMBO prospecting. You see the answer is, has always been and will always be to use ALL of the tools, and in this book Tony shows you exactly how you can.

Tony is by far one of the greatest sales writers in the world, having won several “Sales Blog” of the year awards and bringing us some of the best sales articles out there, this book is by far one of the best books of 2018 and one that will be used by salespeople for years to come!

View on Amazon here

6) Selling From The Heart – Larry Levine

People buy from people, well all know that, which is why “Selling From The Heart” by Larry Levine is a crucial sales book for 2018. The best salespeople out there have one thing in common, they are 100% authentic. Their customers don’t feel like they’re being sold too, they feel like they are being helped by someone who understands them and knows how to help them.

Larry has written a different type of sales book here, but one that in many ways is more important than the others. Learning how to prospect, qualify, close etc are hugely important, but it’s wasted if you can’t go out there are sell from the heart as a genuine person. The perfect book for anyone who genuinely wants to succeed in sales.

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7) Stop Selling & Start Leading – Deb Calvert, James Kouzes and Barry Posner

No one likes being sold too, and so a lot of the older sales techniques struggle to work with modern customers. What Deb Calvert, James Kouzes and Barry Posner have brilliantly done with this book is explore how key leadership skills are now becoming key sales skills as well.

Instead of working to sell, it’s now more effective to build trust, inspire and help lead customers to the solutions that can help them. By understanding your customers and building a strategy around them, you start to build a far more effective sales strategy for 2019.

View on Amazon here

8) Sales Success Stories – Scott Ingram

It’s great to read some of the amazing sales books out there written by true sales experts, however there is nothing more valuable than REAL sales stories from REAL sales people selling right now.

Scott Ingram has put together a masterpiece by bringing 60 stories together from 20 of the top 1% of sales professionals out there. These stories not only make for a wonderful book to read, but they each provide such amazing value, insight and knowledge from the people out there actually making sales!

View on Amazon here

9) Secrets Of Successful Sales – Alison Edgar

Alison Edgar has helped some of the most successful entrepreneurs and salespeople out there achieve their success! Through her packed training events, brilliant talks and expert coaching she has worked with most of the biggest names out there.

This book DOMINATED the charts this year and currently sits on WH Smiths top book list in many of their stores. My signed copy sits very proudly on my book shelf, I’ve read it several times this year and it’s very much one I would highly recommend to everyone working in sales!

View on Amazon here

10) Everybody Works In Sales – Niraj Kapur

Niraj Kapur is a truly exceptional sales expert and this book does not fail to deliver. Packed with his own amazing insight and those from other great experts, “Everybody Works In Sales” is one of the best books to come out this year.

Highly enjoyable to read, packed with some of the best sales insights out there and written by one of the nicest sales experts in this space, this is one I recommend regularly and will contiunue to recommend for years to come!

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And there it is! The 10 MUST-READ sales books from 2018.

Whether you’re looking to invest in yourself or buy something for the sales person in your life, these are certainly some of the best books out there right now!

As you can see this year has bought us some unbelievable books and I have no doubt that 2019 will bring us a whole set of new and equally important sales books.

Actually I’m hoping to bring you one of those myself….

I’m working SUPER hard to write the best book EVER on social selling.

I’m working hard to have it ready to order in Q1 of 2019 and have no doubt at all this will be help anyone working in sales leverage social media (such as LinkedIn) to sell more next year! I’ve been writing it all throughout 2018 and it is super close to being ready, it’s important to me that it really does become the best book on social selling out there.

To keep up to date on when this is ready make sure you’re following me on LinkedIn, I’ll be letting everyone know as soon as it is ready!

Have you read any of the books in this list? Let me know what you thought in the comments to help those thinking about buying it!

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