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Whilst waiting at the airport for my flight last week this book caught my eye in the bookstore. That book was The Smart Selling Book by Mark Edwards! This wasn’t a book that I had heard of before but it looked clean, crisp and interesting. After picking it up and having a quick look I soon decided this was worth a read. 

The bio for this book reads:

Virtually everyone sells in some capacity today, and we can become better at selling by becoming smarter at it. In today s highly competitive marketplace, creating an advantage through sales is imperative. Distilled into this single, handy-sized volume are twenty tips, advice and techniques to help anyone to improve their sales capability. It provides insights and tools to develop a more considered, smarter approach to overcoming any sales-related problem and situation. Each piece of advice is accompanied by graphic aids to aid understanding.

Mark Edwards has done something quite unique with this book which I’ve got to say I thoroughly enjoyed. Instead of writing a load of tips or advice, Mark sets the book up with “The Perfect Sale”. This describes how in perfect circumstances a sale can go from start to finish. 

Following this the book then reverse engineers how most sales go wrong, looking at how you can then plan ahead to avoid those traps. Living up to the title this book truly does help show you how to sell smart. As they say working smart is better than working hard and if you want to find effective ways to increase sales then this is most definitely the book for you! 

Along with being a fantastic book with regards to content it’s been designed and printed perfectly as well with some amazing diagrams to connect everything together.This is our top sales book for June 2017 and we would highly recommend ordering a copy today! 

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