The Top 10 Friends Sales Memes!


So far I’ve written “The Top 10 Stranger Things Sales Memes” and “The Top 10 Game of Thrones Sales Memes”. Next on the list is the forever hilarious TV series “Friends”! I can remember enjoying Friends when it was first released and am pretty sure I’ve seen each and every episode (a few times over)!

There are so many brilliant moments that could be turned into sales memes but here are my personal top 10:

1 – The one with the “meeting”….

2 – The one with the satisfying commission cheque….

3 – The one with the raised sales target….

4 – The one with the customer stealing colleague…

5 – The one with the challenging objection….

6 – The one with the rejection protection….

7 – The one with the satisfying win…..

8 – The one with the returning customer….

9 – The one with the lack of sharing…..

10 – The one with the brand new leads….

Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know! Add it in the comments box below and tag in any “Friends” fans that you know.

Also let me know what the next blog should be! What cool TV series or film would make some good sales memes?

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