The Top 10 Home Alone Sales Memes!


This blog series has proven to be quite popular so after bringing you “The Top 10 Stranger Things Sales Memes“, “The Top 10 Game of Thrones Sales Memes“, “The Top 10 Friends Sales Memes” and “The Top 10 Star Wars Sales Memes” it’s time to now get festive….

December is in full swing and Christmas is coming up quick! I know you’ll all be busy trying to hit your December target but let’s take a break and enjoy The Top 10 Home Alone Sales Memes:

1 – The ready and waiting gatekeeper…..

2 – The new sales target…..

3 – The “I work in sales but don’t want to look like I work in sales” job title…….

4 – The micro managing sales manager…..

5 – The deceitful customer….

6 – The forgotten attachment…..

7 – The deal you needed to hit target….postponing….

8 – The stealing sales person who can’t sell…..

9 – The target hitting satisfaction…..

10 – The “you’re not using the CRM properly” roasting…..

Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know! Add it in the comments box below and tag in any “Home Alone” fans that you know.

Also let me know what the next blog should be! Keeping to the Christmas theme for December which would you prefer:

The Top 10 Elf Sales Memes


The Top 10 Grinch Sales Memes

Let me know in the comments!

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