The Top 10 Simpsons Sales Memes!


We know many of you wonderful #dailysellers out there will be having a stressful month right now!

To help provide a little light into the often dark reality of sales, here are the top 10 “The Simpsons” sales memes.

Let us know which ones are you favourite and make sure you share this post on your social feeds to help other sales peeps too!

1) The joy of the commission cheque….
2) The “I need more coffee first” moment…
3) The wonderfully “supportive” sales managers…
4) The most frustrating moments…
5) The “I’m on my way!!!” moments…
6) The “slip away into the background” moments…
7) It’s gone up by HOW much??!
8) Oh what a shame our competitors treated you so bad….
9) When it’s going to be a long day (week/month/year/career/life)…
10) This can’t be good….

There you go, 10 little Simpsons themed sales memes that we hope gave you a little reason to smile today!


We know how tough sales is…

Best give you another 2 more memes!

11) Oh yay, you’re going to listen in to my calls….
12) You didn’t have to take away THAT much…

We hope those have helped.

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Happy Selling!

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