The Top 10 Star Wars Sales Memes!


Thrones Sales Memes” and “The Top 10 Friends Sales Memes“. Next on the list is Star Wars. With a whole load of amazing films and a new one coming out next month, there are plenty of great moments to turn into memes!

Here are my personal top 10 Star Wars sales memes:

1.The cute small new rep to the moaning experienced rep…..

2. The one big deal that got away…..

3. The stories from long, long ago…..

4. The no excuse for not hitting target….

5. The lack of rapport opportunity…..

6. The choking objection……

7. The lack of available budget…..

8. The wise sales manager……

10. The stressful first week in sales….

Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know! Add it in the comments box below and tag in any “Star Wars” fans that you know.

Also let me know what the next blog should be! What cool TV series or film would make some good sales memes?

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