The Worst Moments In Sales (With Memes!)


Sales is a tough job that comes with some of the toughest and most frustrating moments you could ever imagine! Yes every job has its moments, but for those working in sales the pain can cut deep. Here are the WORST moments in sales illustrated with memes…

1) The Tough Gatekeeper….

There is nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to reach a decision maker than the gatekeeper refusing to connect your call! Perhaps you’re chasing a decision, maybe it’s a cold call and you just want to determine whether there’s an interest, you just want to have a conversation! Yes we know it’s their job to not put through every sales person that phones but boy can it get frustrating!

2) The LONG Sales Meetings….

Sales managers will grill you every day over your targets, KPI’s, activity, pipeline but then they’ll pull you into the longest possible meetings! How are you supposed to hit your targets if you’re sat in a meeting?!

3) The “No More Leads” Situation….

Is there anything tougher in sales than running out of leads?! You spend days, weeks, months building pipelines and trying to hit target and then BOOM, the leads are gone! What do you do? How can you sell without leads? Surely they can’t expect you to find your own leads……?!

4) The Bonus Robbing Tax Man….

You work hard, you sell lots, hit your target, work out how much amazing bonus you’ll get paid and then the moment you open your pay cheque a huge chunk gets taken by the tax man! Is there anything worse??!

5) The Lost Sale….

After spending days, weeks or months working with a prospect, building a relationship and finding a fantastic solution for them there is then nothing more frustrating than them telling you’ve they’ve chosen to buy from someone else!

6) The No Excuses Sales Manager…

It doesn’t matter what reason you have, illness, family emergency, you could even be in hospital and they would still expect you to hit target!

7) The “Talking To My Customer” Situation…

You’re walking through the office when suddenly you hear your colleague talking to YOUR customer!! Do they know it’s yours?? Did you put it into the CRM? Why are they talking to your customer?! Sales can be a ruthless job sometimes, it may be nothing and they may just be taking a message, or maybe they’re taking your sale…..

8) The Waiting Game….

You’ve gone through the sales process and finally plucked up the courage to ask for the sale, then comes “The Waiting Game”! What may really be mere seconds or minutes feels like a lifetime as you wait to hear whether you’ve won or lost the sale….

9) The Fake Call Back Promise….

After you’ve finally got hold of a prospect and had what you thought was an amazing, positive and exciting phone call you then get told that they’ll call you back in a few days or weeks (sometimes months). There are plenty of sales people out there who genuinely think that they will get a call back, some are probably still waiting right now….

10) The Sales Interview Curse…

99% of interviews for sales roles include the task “Sell me this pen”! Made famous by the Wolf of Wall Street for some reason it’s supposed to show someones ability to sell! Check out my blog on some suitable alternatives STOP Selling Me This Pen

What’s your WORST moment in sales? Add it into the comments box below and the best one will get turned into a meme and shared on The Daily Sales!!

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