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I’ve been a crutch. Not in the literal, propping someone up who couldn’t walk without aid, but in the more figurative, propping someone up who struggles with some of the tasks in their job. Working in a fast-changing technical industry was great for someone like me. I enjoyed being able to adapt…(Read More)

I’ve got a confession to make, after turning 31 on Christmas Eve 2017 I hadn’t watched ANY of the Rocky films! I’m sure there will be plenty of you out there who also haven’t watched them, but as someone who enjoys a good film these are well known classics. As you…(Read More)

I wrote a post on LinkedIn this morning asking how people dressed for work and sales meetings…. The point I hoped to make was that most business and sales professionals will spend a lot of time and money on their appearance. They’ll often have a smart suit or nice dress to wear to work…(Read More)

This blog series has proven to be quite popular so after bringing you “The Top 10 Stranger Things Sales Memes”, “The Top 10 Game of Thrones Sales Memes”, “The Top 10 Friends Sales Memes” and “The Top 10 Star Wars Sales Memes” it’s time to now get festive…. December is in full swing and…(Read More)

If like us at, you’re making too many sales and are crushing the quotas only two weeks in the month, I may have a few ideas to help you destroy your online reputation and achieve no results whatsoever in no time! Kidding, you’ll get results. The result is: “You’re fired…(Read More)

I’m going to make a bold prediction….. Millennials will wipe out cold calling as a successful sales activity by 2025. *the crowd goes silent* That’s right, cold calling, one of the strongest prospecting activities of the last decade, will be killed off by the millennial generation in less than 8 years. There has…(Read More)

Thrones Sales Memes” and “The Top 10 Friends Sales Memes”. Next on the list is Star Wars. With a whole load of amazing films and a new one coming out next month, there are plenty of great moments to turn into memes! Here are my personal top 10 Star Wars sales memes: 1.The cute…(Read More)

It’s the plague that infects the sales industry, the ghost haunting all of our prospects and customers, the reason for our terrible stereotype, the wall that stands between good sales people and the trust from their buyer…. The BAD Sales Person…. When people think of sales people unfortunately the first thing they often think…(Read More)

There are a lot of sales people who work in sales for one simple reason….money. It’s one of the few professions out there where you can literally control how much you earn. The harder you work, the more you can earn. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of sales people…(Read More)

Hitting your sales target is no easy achievement, in fact there are some suggestions that less than 50% of sales people actually do it. Now there will certainly be some companies that have set unrealistic targets, and whilst they may not want to admit it I would highly recommend making sure your targets reflect a…(Read More)

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