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There are so many great sales podcasts out there interviewing amazing sales experts and providing value to millions of salespeople all over the world. We’ve gone through them to find you the BEST 25 sales podcasts out there that we would recommend you subscribe, listen and learn from: 1 – The Salesman Podcast Will Barron…(Read More)

February 2018 – I left the comfort of a corporate job as a sales and marketing director with wonderful perks to set up my own business. Why? I wanted more freedom, more family time and less stress. When you set up your own business, that’s the complete opposite of what happens. May 2019 – I’m…(Read More)

We know many of you wonderful #dailysellers out there will be having a stressful month right now! To help provide a little light into the often dark reality of sales, here are the top 10 “The Simpsons” sales memes. Let us know which ones are you favourite and make sure you share this post on…(Read More)

“For the cost of a few coffees, a sales book contains an immense amount of knowledge, experience and lessons learned from some of the most successful sales professionals on the planet” 2018 has seen some AMAZING new sales books released, fresh new books that have been helping sales professionals all across the world turn 2018…(Read More)

What is a sales rockstar you ask……………..? Someone who sells A LOT! They are the sales professionals who dominate the leaderboard, the ones who never struggle to hit targets and the ones who take home the very BIG commission cheque at the end of the month. If you work in sales you’ll know it…(Read More)

This salesperson is struggling, there is only one thing we can do….. *drum roll* Time to bring out… THE MICRO-MANAGER! Sales is a simple profession to measure, either you sell or you don’t. Either you hit your sales target or you don’t. Most sale roles have very black and white targets and…(Read More)

There is one reason a lot of salespeople struggle in sales, they OVER complicate it. Perhaps they talk too much or they try to sell too much or they over think everything they do. When salespeople over complicate things they often struggle in any part of the sales process. I’ve seen this with my…(Read More)

I saw a comment recently on LinkedIn that is possibly my favourite comment of 2018! It was by the sales legend Trish Bertuzzi who was commenting on a post by another sales legend, John Barrows. Trish quite rightly put…. It is the cold that is dead, NOT the calling Such a simple yet powerful sentance…(Read More)

Cold calling is NOT easy, trust me I know it. I’ve spent over 10 years making cold calls and training cold callers. I know, it’s a little ironic as I’m now a social selling trainer, but social media hasn’t actually been around that long in the B2B arena. Last year whilst…(Read More)

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