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So far I’ve written “The Top 10 Stranger Things Sales Memes” and “The Top 10 Game of Thrones Sales Memes”. Next on the list is the forever hilarious TV series “Friends”! I can remember enjoying Friends when it was first released and am pretty sure I’ve seen each and every episode (a few…(Read More)

Sales has many differences. Whether it’s selling different products to different industries that have different types of customers and different types of processes. There are often a lot of variables that change in each sales role out there. It can be hard comparing someone selling used cars for example to someone selling property, or…(Read More)

Allow me to throw something else into the Cold Calling V Social Selling debate… Did the one and only social megastar Gary Vaynerchuck just PROVE that cold calling is dead? No one has been able to prove that either side is right. Cold callers whilst able to show more evidence of success can’t prove…(Read More)

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